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  • Discover the legitimate processes in acquiring your land property documents and stay out of government troubles.
  • Discover how to acquire and secure land properties without ever dealing with land grabbers a.k.a "Omo Onile's".
  • Discover how to invest in Nigeria's real estate business by dealing only with registered and reputable Nigerian real estate firms.
  • Discover how you can own real estate properties in any state in Nigeria from anywhere as long as you're a Nigerian.
  • Discover how to own affordable dream homes in serene environment with flexible payment options.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

How am I sure you're not one of the scam artists?

Good question. I am a certified business consultant of Prime Exchange Limited. Prime Exchange Limited is a Nigerian real estate marketing firm situated in Lagos. We are into Professional Real Estate Training and Property Trading.

What range of real estate products do you offer?

We offer different products carefully designed to equip our investors and agents with adequate knowledge of Nigeria’s real estate sector.

Please, can you mention the products being offered?

Real Estate Acquisition Plan (REAP) – This product is specially designed for aspiring real estate investors and those who wish to become homeowners in serene environment with affordable and flexible payment options from our numerous estate development partners across the nation.

Prime Information Network (PIN) – An information broadcast service designed to provide and deliver timely information to our subscribers on the happenings in the Nigerian real estate/property sector.

Professional Education & Training Service (PETS) – This is a designed professional training series for knowledge acquisition and career advancement specifically for upcoming and existing real estate professionals who desire to advance their knowledge and personal worth in the real estate industry.

What is the relationship between and Prime Exchange Ltd? is owned and operated by one of the certified Prime Exchange Ltd business consultant.

All the data captured here are automatically transferred to Prime Exchange Ltd for processing.

From where will my invitation come from?

Your invitation will come to you from Prime Exchange Ltd.

What if I want to visit you guys?

Sure! We’re located at Onigbagbo House, 3rd floor, 29 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos, beside Bola Memorial Anglican Church, by Abule Bus/stop.

How can I become a registered and licensed real estate network agent under your platform?

First, you need to attend our FREE Business Opportunity Training (BOT), if after the training you’re convinced that our platform will work for you, then you’ll be required to pay a one-time induction course fee of 15,000 Nigerian Naira only.

What on earth is Induction Course?

It's a series of mandatory training designed for those who desire to become registered and licensed agents under the Prime Exchange Network platform.

What is the duration of the Induction Course?

4 days in a month – once every week. You will be notified via SMS or email.

What will I get after the Induction Course?

You’ll be given I:D Cards, Call Cards, Licensed and Branded Fliers which were covered in your initial payment of 15,000 Naira.

Where is the venue of the Induction Course?

Our office location. Scroll upward for address details.

What if my questions are not answered here?

Contact us at our office or mail to the email address from which you got your invitation from.

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